STANDARD Static Plates can be made to any size.
Standard uk size is 520mm x 111mm

For Custom Text or Styles use CUSTOM Static Plates.

Short plates are made at standard height (111mm) but we remove the excess from each end to leave a 15mm border all around. Overall length is determind by how many digits you have in your registration, eg 7 digits will make a plate around 470mm, a 5 digit will only be around 350mm etc.

Simply Lift from Both Ends and Pull Towards You to Remove it. (Do Not 'peel' as you may damage reflective layers.)

It can be Repositioned Unlimited Times. Leaves No Marks or Residue. Ideal for Show Cars, Static Cars, Track Cars, or anywhere you need to remove your number plate for security or social media reasons.

Be aware these plates require a clean, dry, dust free surface in order for it to work at its full potential. We recommend degreasing the vehicle with an alcohol based cleaner like panel wipe or methylated spirit.

We are not responsible for carelessness when applying the number plate and do not offer refunds or replacements as when our instructions are followed, this number plate will work as it should due to our vigorous testing. A Static Plate is not a permanent solution. It is for show use only. Using this plate on the road is illegal and done at your own risk. Wear and tear is to be expected if, at your own discretion, you decide to apply and remove your plate for every day use.

STANDARD Static Plates

  • All orders are send via Royal mail.


    Orders are usually dipatched within 5 working days.

  • Disclaimer,


    Due to these being a custom made product we cannot accept returns.


    This product needs care and maintenance. It needs to be applied to a clean, dry and dustfree surface. Due to this we cannot offer refunds or replacements if it comes off, we cannot police how this product has been applied or how its cared for, so its at the customers own risk when using these static plates.


    We accept no responsiblility for any legal implications due to public road use.